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The menu in details - Thai Beef

Beef in Thailand is usually not very tender. We will use a nice matured beef tenderloin that will change cooking time and preparation mode a bit.

Thai beef salad

We will marinate the beef slices in lime juice until “cooked” medium-rare. Then season with green Thai curry paste, lemon gras, coriander, etc. Some red bell pepper will be also in.

Beef panaeng | spring rolls

Beef panaeng is a classic beef curry with the rich taste of roasted peanuts. We will season with red Thai curry paste and getting some sweetness from coconut cream and palm sugar.

As a side dish we will prepare some spicy vegetable spring rolls.

Mango parfait | sticky coconut-pineapple rice

Comes as a classic parfait with fresh mango puree. The rice will be simmered in pineapple puree and is seasoned with coconut cream.

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