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What do I learn here? - Pork & Pumpkin Cooking Class

Pumpkin dim sum | seasoned soy sauce | Mangalitza cracklings

  • Learn to make dim sum from scratch. Starting from dough and filling.

  • Prepare a simple soy sauce dip for the dim sum.

  • Cook crispy Mangalitza cracklings from lard.

Crispy wan tan | China style marinated Mangalitza leg from the oven | pumpkin-passionfruit puree

  • Learn to make crispy wan tan from scratch. Starting from dough and filling.

  • Experience how you can get Mangalitza leg extremely tender, using a marinade.

  • Prepare sweet/sour pumpkin puree.

Teriyaki glazed Mangalitza neck from the grill | spicy pumpkin-cabbage salad | sea buckthorn vinaigrette

  • Prepare your teriyaki sauce from scratch and use it to glaze your Mangalitza neck over char coal.

  • Sharpen your knife skills, preparing spicy salad that goes with the grilled meat.

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