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The Menu in details - Hongkong Cooking Class

Smoked Duck Breast | Pumpkin-Melon Salad | Ginger Vinaigrette

Fresh duck breast will be first smoked on the spot and we will leave it slightly pink inside.

Beside the duck breast a salad of stir-fried pumpkin and honeydew melon. All this marinated with ginger vinaigrette that is seasoned with sesame.

Teriyaki glazed Beef Tenderloin | Wok Vegetables | Potato - Miso Sauce

The beef tenderloin will be fried until browned and then roast in the oven. In the meantime we will prepare the teriyaki sauce. Just before serving we reheat the meat in the sauce until glazed all around.

Next to the beef we will have some stir-fried vegetables with the powerful taste of potato - miso sauce.

Dim Sum with green Tea Ganache | Yuzu Sago

We will prepare a ganache with Valrhona ivore chocolate and matcha. This ganache will become liquid again when we steam it wrapped in dim sum dough.

And because this is pretty sweet we will accomplish with sago that is seasoned with the amazing acidity of yuzu juice.

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