• Daniel Wendorf

The Menu in details - Mancare Populara Cooking Class


Looks like a cannelloni and is served warm. We prepare a jelly from chicken stock that is seasoned with garlic and has some carrot brunoise inside. The jelly is cut in squares that will form the outside of the cannelloni.

The inside of the cannelloni is Mangalitza that is over night marinated in dark beer and honey. This is oven roasted until tender. Served with fresh horseradish.


Salata de Boeuf

Medium fried cubes of beef tenderloin with nicely shaped carrots and potatoes. Next to it some green pea puree with black olives. All this is marinated with a light mayonnaise that is seasoned with traditional pickles.


Carnati de Mangalita / Piure de Cartofi cu Jumari

The thin sausages are seasoned with smoked bell pepper powder. As a side dish creamy mashed potatoes with parsley and fresh prepared crispy Mangalitza fat.


The base is caramelised puff pastry. Instead of vanilla cream we prepare a vanilla parfait that is caramelised with the blow torch. As a garnish some fruits marinated in good rum.

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