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The Menu in details - Truffles & Beef Cooking Class

Beef Tartar | Egg Benedict with Truffle Hollandaise

---This dish is nearly like a classic egg benedict. The changes are that we replace the bacon/ham with beef tartar and that the sauce hollandaise contains, of course, truffles.

We bake some toast that will be pan roasted with butter to be crispy.

On the toast we place a simple beef tartar topped with a poached egg.

Over there we will pour a generous amount of sauce hollandaise with truffles.

Beef Tenderloin Steak | Truffle Crust | truffled Parsley Sauce | Mushroom Risotto

---Truffles shouldn’t be heated too much. That’s why we prepare the crust separate.

When the steak is ready we let it rest, fry it again in some butter and roll it threw the truffle crust.

Next to it we have a small amount of pretty green parsley sauce with truffles just to enhance the truffle flavour and to have a prettier appearance.

It’s anyhow not much sauce needed because we have a creamy mushroom risotto on the side.

Quince Strudel | truffled Brie de Meaux

---The strudel will be done the Austrian way. Extremely thin dough that comes crispy out of the oven. The sweetness comes only from the quince.

Beside it some creamy brie de meaux that got some fresh truffles inside for some hours.

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