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The Menu in details - Truffles & Fish Cooking Class

Finally the Truffle season started and we are looking forward to cook the following things:

Tuna Tartar & Truffle Arancini

--- To match the raw tuna with the truffle flavour we mix the tartar with beetroot and season with some light vinegar and black tellycherry pepper.

The arancini is practically a truffle stuffed risotto ball that is breaded and shortly deep-fried. The truffle stuffing will be liquid.

Turbot in Leek Package / Truffle Sauce / Celery Croquette

--- We will fillet the turbot, wrap the fillets with hazelnuts in blanched leek and grill it. This dish gets its real flavour when the leek is slightly burned.

Truffle sauce will be made from turbot stock.

The celery croquette is crispy outside and almost liquid inside.

White Chocolate Mousse & Plums with pickled Truffles

--- The main part is a Valrhona Ivoire chocolate mousse seasoned with Arak and Grand Marnier.

Next to it we have dry plums that soaked truffle seasoned port wine for some hours.

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