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What do I learn here? - A Kind of Finger Food Cooking Class

Ceasar’s salad ice-cream | crostini | parmesan chips | hot smoked chicken legs

  • Yes, ice-cream can be salty. Prepare Ceasar’s salad ice-cream that contains a lot of salad and all the flavors needed.

  • Learn how to bake baguette and transform it in crostini.

  • Experience the awesome taste of hot smoked chicken legs.

Mangalitza ribs | watermelon gazpacho | ginger beer sorbet

  • Learn how to get pork ribs really tender on the grill.

  • Refresh yourself with cool watermelon gazpacho.

  • As pork always works with ginger and sweetness we”ll top everything with ginger beer sorbet.

Sweet potato toast | seafood & quinoa salad

  • Bake some potato based toast.

  • Learn how to get a quinoa salad just right.

  • Experience how to handle mussels, calamari and tiger prawns.

Pita | merguez | hummus

  • Bake your own pita bread.

  • Prepare spicy beef & lamb sausages.

  • Learn how to prepare really smooth hummus.

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