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What do I learn here? - Asia Grill Cooking Class

Grilled tiger prawns | summer rolls with mango & cucumber | peanut sauce

  • Learn how to marinate tiger prawns and get the best result for prawns from the grill.

  • Experience the freshness of cucumber & mango salad wrapped in rice sheets.

  • Get the recipes for Asian peanut sauce.

Teriyaki glazed tuna fillet from the grill | spicy papaya salad | crispy rice noodles

  • Prepare your own home made teriyaki sauce and use it for fresh grilled tuna fillet.

  • Learn how to make a Thai inspired papaya salad.

  • Prepare crispy rice noodles in seconds.

Lime cake | matcha ice-cream

  • Bake some lime cake.

  • Prepare matcha ice-cream from scratch.

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