• Daniel Wendorf

What do I learn here? - Europeanised Bombay Cooking Class

Onion bhaji | spicy mango relish

  • Learn how to combine fine sliced onions with chickpea flour and spices to get a golden and crispy onion bhaji.

  • Sharpen your knife skills while dicing mango and complimentary ingredients for a perfect relish texture.

Chicken curry | tomato-coconut sauce | chapati

  • Bake crispy chapati bread directly in the frying pan.

  • Prepare your own Indian curry paste.

  • Marinate chicken meat the Indian way.

  • Cook a chicken curry with your homemade curry paste.

  • Roast the remaining chicken skin to get chicken skin chips.

Chocolate-cardamom mousse | masala chai ice-cream

  • Learn how to get spice flavour into chocolate and prepare chocolate mousse with the seasoned chocolate.

  • Prepare ice cream from spice infused black tea.

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