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What do I learn here? - Meat Picnic Cooking Class

Beef tartar | smoky egg plant puree with sesame | fresh wasabi | lime cured egg yolk | ponzu sauce | teriyaki onions | coriander puree | dark beer sorbet

  • Learn to prepare beef tartar with some Asian seasonings.

  • Prepare egg plant puree on the grill with wood chips to get a smoky flavor.

  • Experience the beautiful texture of 4 days cured egg yolk with fresh lime taste.

  • Learn to prepare ponzu sauce.

  • Prepare your own teriyaki sauce and glaze your onions with it.

  • Experience coriander in a very interesting texture.

  • Pair all this with a very special sorbet.

Hot smoked Mangalitza neck | oven roast peach | thyme oil | piment d’Espelette

  • Grill Mangalitza neck on char coal with indirect heat.

  • Prepare oven roast salty peaches and experience that it works nicely with thyme and the mild taste of French chilies.

Vitello tonnato | crispy quail eggs | ruccola

  • Learn to prepare a classic vitello tonnato with a twist.

All served with fresh made toast!

  • Bake some fresh French toast and roast it in the frying pan.

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