• Daniel Wendorf

What do I learn here? - Nordic Salmon Cooking Class

This Sunday is fully booked but we repeat this class next week on Friday evening!

Gravlax | honey-mustard sauce | sour cream | parsley bread

  • Learn how to cure and preserve fresh salmon. We slice it thin and serve it classic with honey-mustard sauce.

  • Bake parsley bread. It’s getting a pretty intense green colour.

Doughnut with smoked salmon | beetroot salad | horseradish

  • Learn how to smoke fresh salmon hot and how to apply this technique easy at home.

  • Bake fresh doughnuts that we stuff with the smoked salmon.

  • Prepare a quick marinated beetroot salad with spicy horseradish.

Skin fried salmon fillet | herb emulsion | parsnip puree

  • Fry your salmon fillet in a way that the skin is really crispy. All this without cutting the skin or using flour, etc. It’s easy, you just need to know how!

  • Prepare a emulsion of green herbs.

  • Cook a very smooth and creamy parsnip puree.

Rosehip parfait | caramelised chestnuts

  • Prepare a creamy parfait based on rosehip puree. Learn about the difference between ice-cream and parfait.

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