• Daniel Wendorf

What do I learn here? - Seaside Grill Cooking Class

Grilled octopus | sweet potato | lime aioli

  • Learn how to get octopus really tender without spending too much time for it.

  • Grill your octopus over charcoal.

  • Prepare fresh lime aioli and experience that aioli is something completely different as mayonnaise.

  • Combine your octopus with oven roast sweet potatoes and lime aioli.

Sea bass fillet wrapped in white asparagus from the grill | gazpacho sauce

  • Experience to fillet your own sea bass.

  • Learn how to make a asparagus sheet.

  • Grill your asparagus wrapped fish fillets over charcoal.

  • Prepare a gazpacho sauce.

Peppered strawberry ice-cream | grilled marshmallows

  • Learn how to make classic ice cream with a twist.

  • Experience that home made marshmallows are much better as these from the supermarket.

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