• Daniel Wendorf

What do I learn here? - Urban Fish Kitchen Cooking Class

Local maki with mussels | cucumber vinaigrette | mustard ice-cream

  • Learn how to make a beautiful green spinach sheet.

  • Cook your mussels in a perfect way.

  • Experience to make a fake sushi roll from spinach sheet, mussels and risotto.

  • Prepare a vinaigrette, based on cucumber juice.

  • Get the recipe for port wine based mustard ice-cream.

Grilled monk fish fillet | ragout of cherry tomatoes & lemon fillets | crostini with garlic and parmesan

  • Learn how to fillet and trim monk fish.

  • See how to prepare a really quick sauce that can be used for almost any kind of fish.

  • Prepare perfect and crispy pan roasted crostini from home made bread.

Cherry sundae

  • Experience to prepare a beautiful ice-cream dessert from milk ice-cream, cherry sorbet and cherry sauce. Ice-cream and sorbet will be as always made from scratch.

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