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What do I learn here? - Urban Meat Kitchen Cooking Class

Tomato-orange gazpacho | smoked duck rillettes | saffron jelly | basil oil

  • Learn how to prepare a clear gazpacho from tomatoes and orange.

  • Prepare smoked duck rillettes from duck legs and smoke it hot on the grill.

  • Bring the duck rillettes in shape, covering it with saffron jelly that can be warmed.

Oxtail croquette | vegetable salad | mustard dressing

  • Experience how to cook oxtail to become really tender.

  • Enjoy your oxtail croquette. Crispy outside with meat and sauce inside.

  • Sharpen your knife skills bringing vegetables in a beautiful shape.

  • Prepare a mustard dressing with perfect texture.

Watermelon-vodka sorbet | pistachio marchpane with mint

  • Get the recipe for sorbet made from fresh watermelon pulp and vodka.

  • Learn how to make pistachio marchpane in a minute.

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