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Why do we find it useful to have a burger kids cooking class?!

After announcing the kids burger cooking class on the website we got some comments from food bloggers and parents.

The comments were like:

“Why don’t you do something healthy?”

“I like your cooking classes but I don’t want my kids to eat fast food!”

The list of comments is long.

We appreciate your criticism but:

We do a kids burger cooking class because:

The first step to healthy eating is to cook at home. A home made burger has nothing to do with fast food so far. Or don’t you give your kids a sandwich from time to time? The sandwich is most probably made with bread from the supermarket?!

We want to sensibilize kids for products. Let’s see how tiger prawns look when they are entire, how to clean them to get a burger patty out of them etc.

We also want to work on diversity. The burger patties will be seasoned with ingredients that your kids may not have ever seen before.

Maybe after making burgers your kids will ask to make bread at home because they will remember how good this burger bun was that they did.

To be continued…

We still think that the idea is good. :)

If you also think so you can reserve here:

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