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Merry Christmas!

I wish you and your friends and families merry Christmas! 

Exactly one year ago Artisan Cooking Classes wasn't even born and most of you know that I didn't had any changes in mind. Then, pretty fast, I was forced to set up this new business. 

So far it has been a awesome year and therefore I would like to thank you that your are cooking with us!

For this occasion also special thanks to Mirela and Nori as part of the team. Without their support I wouldn't have been able to deliver so many events in our special way!

Many thanks also to our partners from Kuxa Events and Kitchen Shop. They helped a lot to get things started that fast! 

Looking forward to an even better 2018. I got some nice ideas to improve our services.

Stay tuned also the next days. Some surprises will follow! 

Happy holidays!


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