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The Menu in details - Autumn in Sicily Cooking Class

Mini Seafood Pizza

--- The base for any pizza is the correct dough. Ours is crispy outside and chewy inside. Topped with calamari and clams. The seafood will be juicy and not that dry as at the most restaurants. :)

Charcoal grilled Turbot / Saffron Sauce / Tagliatelle / marinated Zucchini

--- We will grill the turbot without actually using any grill! But you will get the full taste of charcoal grilled fish! From the bones we'll cook a fish stock that is turned into the sauce. Beside tagliatelle from scratch and zucchini marinated with 13 years aged balsamic vinegar.

Cannoli with Chocolate Mousse & dried Cherries

--- We do cannoli shells from scratch! The typical ricotta filling is skipped this time. We let the cherries soak some alcohol to become soft again. These will be combined with Valrhona chocolate mousse as a cannoli filling.

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