• Daniel Wendorf

The Menu in details - Christmas in Scandinavia

Doughnut stuffed with smoked Trout / Onion Jam / Beetroot in Salt Crust

Classic fluffy doughnut stuffed with fine minced trout that is smoked on the spot. Beside the doughnut onion jam cooked with white port wine and bayleaf.

Beetroot cooked in the oven in salt crust to get the full beet flavour.

Turbot Fillet stuffed with Dates and Chestnuts / Port Wine Butter / Celery Puree

The turbot fillets get a cut in the middle that is be stuffed with a composition of chestnut puree, butter and minced dates. Then we fry the fillets slowly in the pan.

As a sauce we have a red port wine butter and creamy celery puree.

Gingerbread Mousse / smoked Almonds

A mousse with dark chocolate, good rum and gingerbread spices. Topped with almonds smoked on the spot.

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