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The Menu in details - Forest Cooking Class

Venison Terrine | red Wine Apple with caramelised Goat’s Cheese | Nut Loaf

The meat is prepared as a fine farce. This farce, covered with some mangalitza bacon, is carefully oven poached.

Apples are poached slowly in red wine. When soft we add some goat’s cheese on top and caramelise with brown sugar to get a nice crust.

Nut loaf is bread with whole grain wheat flour and four different types of nuts and kernels.

Wild Boar Schnitzel | Mountain Cranberries | creamy Brussels Sprouts | Macaire Potatoes

We do a correct schnitzel, baked in two different frying pans at two different temperatures to get the perfect crust.

Cold stirred mountain cranberry works perfectly with the schnitzel.

Brussels’s sprouts are separated in its leaves and then combined with some béchamel sauce.

Macaire potatoes are done in the classic way with some onion and parsley. For finish browned in the pan.

Saffron Pear | Sabayon | dry Fruits in crispy Dough

The pear is poached in saffron infused white wine.

From the poaching wine we prepare the sabayon.

Mixed dry fruits are chopped fine, then wrapped in a extremely thin dough and browned in the oven.

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