• Daniel Wendorf

The Menu in details - Le Havre Cooking Class

Lobster Thermidor

We brake out the lobster meat and dice it. The meat is mixed with stir-fried spinach and roasted champignon. We put this composition back into the lobster shell, add some fresh made sauce hollandaise and brown it under the grill in the oven.

Mixed Fish in Saffron Sauce en Papillote | truffled Dauphine Potatoes | Vichy Carrots

We fillet the fishes and cook a stock with saffron from the bones. The stock is transformed into a creamy saffron sauce. The diced fish fillets and the sauce are cooked in parchment paper in the oven.

Dauphine potatoes are really crispy but fluffy inside. They get some additional taste due to the fresh truffles used.

Vichy carrots are braised and then reheated in the braising juice that is reduced to syrup.

Macaron Cake with Coffee Mousse

Two giant macarons that have a coffee mousse in between. The technique is a little different as for regular macarons. Some fresh berries on top as garnish.

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