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The Menu in details - London Pub Cooking Class

Pumpkin - Sea Buckthorn Soup / Scotch Egg

The soup is a cream soup with one of the best Autumn combinations you could have: Sweet pumpkin seasoned with the strong acidity and slightly bitterness of fresh sea buckthorn.

Beside the soup we have scotch egg that is nothing else as a soft boiled coated egg. We will make a veal farce that is seasoned with quatre epices and wrap it around the egg. Then the egg is breaded and deep-fried.

Fish & Chips 2.0

Let’s bring fish & chips to the next generation!

Wine battered oyster and lobster & beer battered sea bass.

Comes with saffron mayonnaise, sauce tartar, cucumber relish and correctly made French fries.

Of course everything made from scratch. Probably the first cooking class where you learn how to open oysters, break lobster and fillet fish.

Sticky Toffee Pudding

A small cake that contains lots of dates. (Yes, this makes it sticky)! Beside a caramel sauce with a sip of good rum.

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