• Daniel Wendorf

The Menu in details - New York Fish Market Cooking Class

Fish Cream Soup | hot smoked Salmon | Spice Bread

---We will smoke the salmon on the spot. There actually exists a method that you can easily apply at home. From the fresh smoked salmon we keep only a small piece for each soup as a garnish. The major part will be used for the soup. So, in the end we have a slightly pink cream soup with smoky taste.

Beside the soup we will bake a bread with fennel seeds, coriander and cumin.

Sole Fillet stuffed with Prawns | Pumpkin Risotto | Hazelnut Pesto

---First we will prepare a farce from the prawns. Sole fillets will be flattened and rolled up with the farce that we have two little roulades per person. These roulades will be steamed and then fried in some clarified butter.

Next to the roulades, classic risotto seasoned with pumpkin puree. Some hazelnut pesto on the risotto will work pretty well.

Baked Alaska

---Vanilla parfait topped with rum raisins put on a sponge cake. All this isolated with meringue and baked in the oven until browned.

And yes, it will be still frozen inside.

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