• Daniel Wendorf

The Menu in details - Tel Aviv

Falafel | tahini sauce

Not much to say about it. A falafel is always that good as the recipe you have! Served with slightly sour tahini sauce.

Spicy fishballs | hummus with pine nuts

We fillet the fishes and dice the meat. We season with lemon, chilli and herbs and fry the fishballs until golden.

Same as with the falafel: The recipe is important. We have a recipe that is very creamy and fine. On top some pan roasted pine nuts and olive oil.

Pistachio baclava

We first create some very thin layers of dough, then arrange it in a baking shape with pistachio. When it comes out of the oven we season with a very special sugar syrup. It will be less sweet as the original and comes with a saffron taste.

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