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What do I learn here? - Beef Classics Cooking Class

Beef tartar | cured egg yolk | parmesan cannoli | mustard ice-cream

  • Learn how to do a deep red appearing beef tartar.

  • Experience that egg yolk can be served cured after being dry marinated for four days.

  • Prepare salty cannoli shells with parmesan that will be stuffed with beef tartar.

  • See how Daniels favorite ice-cream tastes. The base is a port wine ice-cream that is seasoned with a lot of mustard.

Beef Wellington | demi glace

  • Cook beef Wellington from scratch. Yes, we will even make the puff pastry on the spot.

  • Learn how to make a proper demi glace from roasted veal bones and a lot of wine.

Strawberry charlotte

  • Bake a classic sponge cake. From this we’ll do a roulade with strawberry jam. The roulade will be sliced and arranged in a bowl.

  • For the filling we’ll prepare a white chocolate mousse with strawberries.

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