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What do I learn here? - Chinatown Mangalitza

Carrot-ginger soup | grilled Mangalitza fillet | banana wan tan

  • Cook a light carrot-ginger soup from different juices.

  • Grill Mangalitza fillet that it’s done but still juicy.

  • Learn how to make wan tan dough and transform it in banana wan tan.

Mangalitza dim sum | beer dashi

  • Prepare a tasty Mangalitza stuffing for dim sum.

  • Experience to make dim sum from scratch.

  • Get the recipe of a modern way of dashi.

Red Mangalitza curry | fried rice

  • Learn how to make fried rice that is really fried and crispy.

  • Prepare your own red curry paste. It’s much tastier as the one from the supermarket.

  • Cook your own spicy Mangalitza curry.

Still some spots left! For reservations click here!

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