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What do I learn here? - Monaco Connection Cooking Class

Oysters | cucumber sorbet | lemon croutons

  • Learn how to open oysters.

  • Prepare fresh cucumber sorbet and get a vegetable sorbet recipe that can be adjusted with other ingredients.

  • Bake lemon bread that will be transformed into croutons to get a crispy touch into the starter.

Lobster beignets | lobster sauce | poached endive & corn salad | olive dust

  • Learn how to break up lobster tail and claws.

  • Compose a wine dough in which we bake the lobster meat.

  • Use the lobster carapace to cook a lobster sauce.

  • Experience that endive salad can be poached without becoming grey and combine it with corn for a salad.

  • Enjoy the color and powerful taste of dried black olives.

Creme brûlée with cherries | cherry sorbet | almond crumble

  • Poach your own creme brûlée with cherry compote inside.

  • Prepare a cooling cherry sorbet from scratch.

  • Learn how to prepare almond crumble.

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