• Daniel Wendorf

What do I learn here? - Spring Burger Cooking Class

Herb bun | grilled ratatouille relish | vinaigrette with aged balsamic vinegar

  • Prepare a green burger bun, seasoned with green garlic.

  • Sharpen your knife skills, dicing grilled vegetables into relish.

Saffron bun | seared sea bass tartar | braised cucumber | radish vinaigrette

  • Prepare a yellow burger bun, seasoned with saffron.

  • Learn how to fillet sea bass.

  • Experience that cucumber can be nice also when it’s slightly cooked and seasoned with mustard.

  • Prepare a vinaigrette from fresh radish juice.

Steamed ginger bun | teriyaki glazed tuna | guacamole

  • Learn how to make steamed buns. We even season it with fresh ginger.

  • Prepare your own teriyaki sauce from scratch and glaze the grilled tuna with it.

  • Prepare guacamole.

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