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What do I learn here? - Trattoria Fish

Panzanella | oven roast young garlic | basil sponges | parmesan chips

  • Learn how to make a perfect panzanella. It is a tomato salad with freshly roasted bread. We will, of course, also do the bread.

  • Experience the taste of entirely oven roast garlic bulb. Now it’s in season. The cloves start to exist but they are very small and you can eat it all.

  • Prepare pretty basil sponges. The texture is indeed like a sponge and the basil taste is much stronger as if you would eat a basil leave.

  • Roast parmesan to get another crispy component.

Seafood & tomato soup | parmesan focaccia

  • Cook a thick tomato sauce that will be diluted with fish stock and mussel brew. That’s the base for the soup.

  • Learn how to fillet high quality fish. ( We will take the freshest we will find. Probably turbot).

  • Learn to cook mussels in a proper way.

  • Experience calamari that won’t be cooked to chewing gum.

  • Bake some fresh focaccia.

Elderflower sorbet | peppered strawberries

  • Prepare a easy but very tasty sorbet from elderflower syrup and sparkling wine. You’ll get also the recipe of the syrup.

  • Learn that strawberries are best friends with pepper.

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