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What do I learn here? - Winter Burger Cooking Class

Classic bun | beef patty | charcoal grilled egg yolk | crispy onions | tomato-mustard sauce

Bake the perfect burger bun.

Make a medium cooked beef pattie from high quality meat.

Grill an egg yolk without using a grill but getting the full taste of charcoal.

Cook thin and crispy onion rings.

Prepare a sauce that is better as just ketchup and mustard.

Chestnut bun | oven roasted leg of venison & Mangalitza lard | Mangalitza cracklings | Brussel’s sprouts pesto | red wine pear

Bake a burger bun seasoned with aromatic chestnut puree.

Marinate and roast leg of venison.

Cook cracklings from Mangalitza lard.

Create a different kind of pesto. There exist more than basil.

Get a fruity touch from poached pear.

Steamed bun | oven roasted leg of Mangalitza | grilled asparagus | ginger vinaigrette

Make a different kind of bun. Let’s steam it for a completely different texture and taste.

Marinate and roast leg of Mangalitza with Asian flavours.

Grill green asparagus in the best way.

Create a ginger vinaigrette from pickled ginger that is not just watery.

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